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To apply for a place in Risca Primary School 

contact the School Admissions Team on 01443 864870

Admissions - Getting a Place at Risca Primary School

Admission to the school is undertaken in accordance with Caerphilly Borough Council’s admission policy .  Children within our catchment area are given priority. Applications are made via the C.C.B.C website. Further guidance and assistance can be sought from the school.


Arrangements for the admission of pupils with disabilities:


A Person has a disability if ‘he or she has a physical or mental impairment which has a substantial and long term adverse effect on his or her ability to carry out normal day to day activities. (Disability Discrimination Act 1995).

The Board of Governors of Risca supports the Special Educational Needs and Disability Act (2001). The Board is, therefore, committed to the principle of all local children (living in designated addresses) having equal rights of access, if this can reasonably be provided. It is important that, if your child has Special Educational Needs and/or a Record of Needs, the Head Teacher is notified at as early a stage as possible (no later that the beginning of the September preceding the child’s date for starting school), so that appropriate arrangements can be discussed. All such cases will be considered sympathetically, on an individual basis.


The admission of a child with Special Educational Needs to the School will be conditional upon:


  • The parents’/guardians’ full disclosure to the School of the child’s disability. Appropriate planning by the School, including requests for additional funding, are dependent upon the School having access to all the relevant information.

  • Following the procedures, which are set out in any school policies relating to Special Educational Needs.

  • The availability of appropriate facilities with the school. These include both physical and reasonable curricular provision.

  • Specific additional funding from Inclusion Services, if required.

  • Agreement about the stages for which entry is being offered. In particular transition from Primary to Secondary will be dependent upon a review of child’s needs and the evaluation of any difficulties, which the child may have in accessing an appropriate education.

  • Acceptance by the parents/guardians that some educational opportunities, which take place off site, may not be available. The above conditions will also apply if a disability develops during the course of a child’s education in Risca Primary School.

At Risca Primary School we have taken steps to prevent disabled pupils being treated less favourably than other pupils.  These are:


  • Our school building is wheelchair friendly and equipped with lift for access to second floor.

  • Large print format materials can be accessed from outside agencies.

  • The services of a sign language interpreter can be accessed to facilitate parental interviews.

  • If either pupils or parents have difficulty accessing information normally provided in writing by the school such as handouts, newsletters etc., then the school will be happy to consider alternative forms of provision. Large font / colours can be easily replicated.

  • The suitability of any event and the need for additional support is discussed fully with parents in advance.

  • Pupils at Risca Primary School have always been able to participate fully in a wide range of activities offered beyond the classroom.

  • In constructing the school timetable the school will give sympathetic consideration to individual needs. 

  • Furniture, seating arrangements and the classroom layout can be altered to facilitate access and learning.

  • Advice is sought from the appropriate national and local agencies. Support can come in a variety of formats through the school’s staged intervention strategy.

  • The school’s evacuation procedures will be adapted to meet the specific needs of an individual.

  • Any new alterations are always DDA compliant.

Children start Nursery the academic year (September) after their third birthday. We also accept children in January and April following their third birthday (Rising 3s) space permitting.

For any new admissions to the school the LA procedure must be followed:

  1. Parents should contact Pupil Admissions on 01443 864870 and request admission to your chosen school.

  2. The Admission Department will contact school direct and inform of new placement.

  3. Parents will be informed and will be asked to contact the school to arrange start date and visit date.

If you wish for any further information then please call into school.

Secondary Schools

Risca Comprehensive School is the destination for the majority of children leaving Risca Primary School. A great deal of effort is made to ensure a smooth transition between schools. Children in Year 5 and Year 6 pay visits to their chosen comprehensive school, for both curriculum and social development. The close liaison  between our schools is imperative and driven by our desire to offer our children the best opportunities.  If the child is not going to our partner secondary schools opportunities are created for them to visit their chosen school. On occasions, additional transition links are set up for pupils with specific needs.  We also have procedures in place to ensure the smooth transition from Foundation Phase to Key stage two, through moving up day and transition meetings.

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