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Special Educational Needs

Equality and Inclusion

The school has clear policies in place and is committed to providing equality and an inclusive education. All children have access to all activities and support is available to ensure this. We encourage respect within school and the wider community.

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Some pupils will need extra help to prosper in school.  Our policy for special needs complies with the Education Act 2000 and is available upon request.

The progress of each child is carefully monitored and assessed. We have benchmarks of expected progress and Mrs. Skellam, the Additional Educational Needs Co-ordinator (AENCo), reviews pupils in all classes each term. Where the progress of an individual child is giving cause for concern the parents will be informed. If parents are in agreement the pupils are placed on the Special Needs Register and the class teacher writes an “Individual Education Plan” (IEP) in which targets are set.  The plans are reviewed each term by the class teacher, AENCo, children and parents.

For most pupils a short period of focused study is successful and they make good progress. This is especially true when parents give extra support at home.  For a very small number of pupils we will require the help of outside agencies.  Once again this can only be done with your permission.

If a complex problem persists, a request for formal assessment will be made to the LA.  This can lead to a Statement of Special Educational Needs, which provides extra resources and staff to provide support.

If you have concerns about your child’s progress please discuss them with his/her teacher.  The special needs co-ordinator and / or the head teacher will also be pleased to discuss your concerns. Please telephone to make an appointment.

Pupils with Disabilities

The school’s admissions policy does not discriminate against disabled children. Anyone can apply for their child to be admitted to our school and places are allocated by the LA according to their policy.

Other Support

From time to time we identify pupils who may need some extra support in the form of “booster” activities. This may be for reading, writing or maths. This will take the form of small group work and will last for a short period, i.e. a term or half a term.


More Able and Talented (MAT)

The school has a More Able & Talented policy. Working with the LA, the school aims to provide additional opportunities for those children that are displaying a particular talent or ability in individual areas. These children are supported through differentiated planning.

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