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Pupil Development Grant (PDG) & Funding


Schools in Wales are given funding on a 'per pupil' basis specifically to support and ensure comparable progress for all pupils in receipt of Free School Meals. Schools have to draw up detailed plans on how they will spend this money and then they have to show the progress that each pupil has made against the spending.


The school’s PDG and Education Achievement Grant plans are regularly scrutinised by the Governing Body, supported by advice from the EAS (Educational Achievement Service) and monitored by the Local Authority.

If you think you may be eligible for your child to receive Free School Meals please go to:

Professional Learning

Risca Primary School is a Pioneer School for Professional Learning.  

Pioneer Schools have been drawn from across Wales and represent a range of different schools including rural and urban settings; English-medium and Welsh-medium; primary, secondary and special schools, schools with a religious character, and a range of school sizes. 

All members of the Pioneer Schools Network work closely together and with their own clusters, networks and wider stakeholder groups, to ensure that as many of our schools as possible are engaged in this exciting agenda from the outset. Risca Primary School has been at the forefront of work to ensure that all practitioners are supported to realise this ambitious and exciting future for our education system - and for all our children and young people here in Wales.

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